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What We Offer

EEP is a team of consultants focused on building the capacity of its clients to apply a racial equity lens in service of historically marginalized populations.

EEP consultants provide services to include, but not limited to, the following areas:


  • Data Understanding, Analysis, and Interpretation

    • The exploration of data (qualitative and quantitative) that can be used in support and understanding of the work

  • Equity/Access

    • Foundational in outlining how using an equity framework differs from (1) an equity framework and (2) a normalized structurally inequitable framework

  • Parent Advocacy

    • Defining involvement and advocacy for your child(ren) through act or process of support

  • Politics in Moving the Equity Agenda

    • The context for understanding equity (meaning what is the equity literacy level of various stakeholder groups: teachers, school-based leaders, district leaders, superintendent, Board of Education, parents/guardians, community and elected officials

  • Race Conscious Decision Making

    • Use of a race- and ethnicity-conscious lens in analyzing and pursuing each of their potential and ongoing cases and projects

  • Race Conscious Leadership

    • Use of an equity approach with all stakeholders in organizational, academic, and social interactions

  • Racial Justice

    • Preserving and extending the constitutionally guaranteed rights to people who have historically been denied them based on race 

  • Strategic Visioning

    • The organization’s purpose and how it will accomplish it over a period of several years

  • Transformative Leadership

    • Long-term systemic and sustainable change in which the identification of needed change, vision setting, and execution of processes are actualized

Ready to Get Started?

Let our EEP help you reach your goals.

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